sábado, 10 de noviembre de 2012

Kindle freebies - the search for entertainment

Nope, not trying to be patronising, in fact the opposite. I am trying to share my experience on the wealth of good stories, authors and entertainment available within the FREE book section of Kindle's Fiction.

After reading good reviews and purchasing stories, only to be disappointed, I decided to change my tack. Therefore what I did was to choose stories from the Free Books section on Kindle. Following reviews helped, but I was looking for new authors (for me) from whom I would be willing to purchase further works.

The beauty with this approach, is that regularly you get a mix of books produced by recognised authors (free for a limited period) interspersed with new self-published material. It's a no-lose scenario for your pocket and you are rewarded with some great stories. Now, I do admit that there are a similar number of less polished works which flick across your reader, but I found myself more willing to perservere and with less frustration due to the simple fact that I have not paid for this material.

My internal review of work, which will spill forth onto page soon, was much more objective without the pressure of purchase.

Why not try the process? After all it costs nothing but your time...

Here are some of the latest stories I have found and enjoyed:

Wyvern by A.A. Attanasio (Historical Fiction)
Bad Company by John Childress (Action and Adventure)
Dawn Of The Tiger by Gus Frazer (Action and Adventure)
Magnificent Guns of Seneca 6 by Bernard Schaffer (SF/Western)
Bakkian Chronicles, Book 1 - The Prophecy by Jeffrey Poole (Fantasy)
Q - A Thriller by K D George (Action and Adventure)
The Wrecking Crew (Janac's Games) by Mark Chisnell (Crime, Thriller and Mystery)
Hell's Gate by Michael Parker (Historical Fiction)

viernes, 4 de mayo de 2012

Spinward Fringe - Origins by Ralph Lalonde

Origins (Spinward Fringe)

This is something I downloaded as it was free and had lots of good reviews. I certainly wasn`t disappointed. This is a well-written space opera which the right mix of underdogs, heroes and villains. The world building and characters go well together and the technology is believable. Most of all though it's a great adventure, lots of excitement, space battles and enough of a plot to keep you hooked all the way through.

The main character is Jonas Valent who starts off as an unsatisfied worker who gets his kicks from illegally taking part in military simulations. Once caught out he is tested and sent with his crew to find new allies, technology and defeat his home colony's enemies.

Great FREE start to a series I'm enjoying.

a very clear FOUR AND A HALF out of FIVE.