viernes, 17 de junio de 2011

Review of Trader Tales by Nathan Lowell

It looks like I'm starting with an eBook, and although three of the six-part series is available in print and digital format, I found this through Podiobooks and iTunes. I have to say that this is a great example of what I look for in an Audiobook. The author himself reads the work, which is available FREE via iTunes, and does a good job.

For all of us who enjoyed Heinlein's YA novels, then this is a must. It tells the tale of Ishmael Horatio Wong and his journey through life and adversity. It is a gentle science fiction tale and uses the backdrop of trading the space lanes as a story plot. From losing his mother suddenly, Ishmael finds salvation and the purpose of his life on a Solar Clipper, the SC Lois McKendrick. The title of the first book, Quarter Share, and those subsequent ones, is based on the profit-sharing system the Traders use. As he works his way through the various ranks and challenges life sets him, we see Ishmael grow. With a group of well-drawn characters, including the ships themselves, the listener finds it easy to slip into the world of the Solar Clipper.

I never lost interest, and at the end of every book was already downloading the next. That to me is key in any format. If Nathan Lowell continued Ishmael's adventures beyond these six Audiobooks I would be more than happy to continue with him.

If I have any nitpick, it would be that the second book lost me for a short while. Ishmael's move towards sexual awareness clashed a little with the rest of the series, and I must say came across somewhat awkward. Having said that, it would only drop the rating by half a star. Average rating would be FOUR out of FIVE

I already have his other Audiobook, South Coast, ready to accompany me on my walk tomorrow.

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