miércoles, 22 de junio de 2011

Review of The Ultimate Choice by Lisa Hinsley

There are moments when you cringe, others where you draw breath and even some where you feel indignant. I went through all of these emotions in the first three chapters.

Cassie and the choices she is forced to make made me feel as though I should be doing something. A TV show where you chose to die and asked questions so the voting public would decide who got your organs...excellent. It is different enough to peek the interest. What is going to happen?

The reader knows that the world created by Lisa is unjust, and cringes at the smarmy host Bob Devine and his leering nature. I would have placed a bet that the show was fixed...and wasn't disappointed (in-drawn breath when the results came in).

Lisa Hinsley draws her characters well, giving Cassie an almost innocence which makes you root for her, even when she has perhaps made bad decisions. Bob Devine is the host with the least and the candidates for organ replacement border on the absurd.

Without a doubt this is worth a read. You won't be disappointed with Cassie's journey and the answers she finds to the ultimate question. FOUR AND A HALF out of FIVE.

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