lunes, 13 de junio de 2011

Review Theory

Here goes. My intention with this blog is not to prove that I can be nastier then anyone else, nor to sugar coat. Nope, I want to try and give honest feedback that both authors and readers can take something from.

So, I have two ways of doing this. I can solicit volunteers and/or I can just pick them myself. In the first instance, I asked for those brave enough to suggest their own work from which I would chose a couple of books to journey on my Kindle with me. All the while I made it plain that a review of a sample of their work would be forthcoming.

Not being an expert and having received a range of reviews personally, I am sensitive to criticism and what might be construed as constructive or not. So, the only caveat I have here is that this is my opinion, based upon whatever criteria I have developed over the years when choosing novels which ring my bell.

I will give a list of those novels which have done this, and in some cases with an attached review.

Please bear with me as I learn exctly how this is going to work...

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